Cluster structure

In order to increase its commercial efficiency, HYD&AU FLUID is divided into 4 clusters:

  • RHIN

The services offered are vital for the success and permanence of each cluster. They must meet every need by adapting to the specific economic details of the regional players.

Although our 4 clusters have developed their own skills, they are not able to offer all of the hydraulics services available from HYD&AU FLUID.

Dedicated management and teams

Management is entrusted to a Cluster Director who is responsible for ensuring implementation of the national commercial strategy in its territory.

Each cluster consists of teams of multidisciplinary engineers and high-level technicians who can design, produce and install all types of hydraulic projects regardless of your field of application.

Managers attentive to your needs

Seine Cluster

  • HYD&AU FLUID head office – Logistics platform – Primary oil analysis laboratory

“The Seine Cluster has an ISO 9001 certified fluid analysis laboratory on the Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône site, a special tool for implementing monitoring contracts. »

Garonne Cluster

  • 4 ParkerStores with counter service – Main repair centre – Mobile systems design centre

“The Garonne Cluster is the repair platform, as well as the centre of expertise for mobile hydraulic applications. »

Rhone Cluster

  • Design office – Pilot workshop for designing and producing hydraulic power units

“The Rhone Cluster specialises in the manufacture of mass production hydraulic units and has recognised expertise in the hydroelectric field. »

Rhine Cluster

  • Pilot centre for services and maintenance contracts

“The Rhine Cluster specialises in proactive maintenance operations. Our technicians also get involved in repairs, pipes, pollution control and cleaning of pipes and in leasing of filtration units. »

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