Ambitions & goals

“Code of conduct, top-tier brands, developed technical know-how, customer satisfaction… the values we strive to uphold. »

David Couillandeau, Chairman of the HYD&AU Group

A team of multidisciplinary experts

HYD&AU FLUID is established as a specialist and innovator in its industry, allowing it to adapt to market changes.

Based on its mastery of industrial processes, its cutting-edge equipment and its team of 80 technicians, engineers or qualified technicians, HYD&AU FLUID intends to give its clients the best possible technical support.

Strong founding values

HYD&AU FLUID was built and continues in line with its family origins, combining strong values, which guarantees its stability and permanence:

  • human values based on work, respect and the development of skills
  • technical innovation based on continuous research and development investments
  • entrepreneurial innovation combining market watch, the creation of product lines, support and services

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