Key objectives

QHSE: Quality, Health & Safety and Environment

Our main ambition is to perform exceptionally well in every field linked to the QHSE (Quality, Health & Safety and Environment) policy.

Although our priority remains customer satisfaction, it is our desire to achieve this through Respect, whether of our employees through health and safety rules, or of the environment through a constant desire to reduce our overall ecological footprint. We also endeavour to comply with legislation by conducting a regulatory QHSE watch.

To do this, our company has adopted an integrated Quality, Health & Safety and Environment approach that enables it to improve performance by anticipating and preventing any need for change, based on mastery of the company’s processes. Our general approach continues to rely on the requirements of ISO 9001 for quality, and on MASE/UIC requirements with regard to health & safety and the environment.

Within this context, we have decided to centralise management of our QHSE approaches by a team from the HYD&AU Group, common to all of the HYD&AU FLUID offices, with the aim of:

  • introducing a joint QHSE system
  • maintaining MASE certification
  • obtaining MASE certification for all offices
  • maintaining ISO 9001 certification for the Paris and Bordeaux sites
  • extending ISO 9001 certification for the offices

Quality management: an everyday approach


  • audit 100% of our offices based on ISO 9001, version 2015
  • establish 100% of process risk analyses
  • measure customer satisfaction
  • develop personnel skills and involvement
  • strengthen supplier and subcontractor partnerships


  • reduce the number of workplace accidents by identifying, assessing and preventing danger
  • evaluate the chemical risks and manage exposure to hazardous products for all of our offices
  • replace 100% of hazardous washing products with harmless substitutes


  • reduce our frequency and severity indicators to below the results of MASE certified companies
  • achieve at least 80% of our office targets through site audits, discussions, etc.


  • perpetuate management of our energy consumption by reducing our aerosol consumption by 20% and our absorbent consumption by 15%
  • reduce travel for internal meetings by using video conferencing

Our QHSE policy applies to personnel, but also to our subcontractors and any temporary staff provided. The management team, the coordinators and the QHSE team meet each quarter with a view to ensuring the ongoing performance of our Quality, Health & Safety and Environment Management system.

As key objectives of the management team, Quality and Safety in the workplace and respect for the Environment are achieved through everyday actions by all personnel as part of a systematic effort to ensure prevention and continuous improvement.

“I am personally committed to implementing all of the means necessary to apply our integrated management system, and I ask directors and managers to set an example in the communication and implementation of this QHSE policy, in particular by promoting this strategy and giving each employee advice on taking action. »

David Couillandeau, Chairman of the HYD&AU Group

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