Studies and engineering

HYD&AU FLUID, the partner for all your technical projects

The high-level engineers and technicians from the HYD&AU FLUID design offices analyse and define customers’ needs by drawing up technical files with 3D modelling compliant with ISO 9001 standards, with a single objective, to propose a bespoke solution.

HYD&AU FLUID, with its fully equipped workshops and test benches, is capable of designing your projects in the best possible conditions.

Our expertise:

  • studies
  • design
  • modification of hydraulic systems

Our aims:

  • security
  • compliance
  • performance and reliability optimisation
  • best technical and financial choices

Notre gamme de centrales hydrauliques :


An extremely versatile product, made up of modular components, which incorporates distribution and pipework…


It covers many power, flow and pressure needs. A broad selection of options is available…


In our workshops, we design and produce all types of hydraulic power units to satisfy the most demanding requirements…

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