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Oil analysis, the biggest asset for your systems

All lubricants used or stored break down over time, depending on the type of oil, the usage conditions and the environment.

When the oil deteriorates, its composition and its functional properties change. The degradation process generates a certain number of undesirable products. These can form varnish deposits that will have costly repercussions for the machines as a result of corrosion and stuck valves.

Oil degradation is a common problem that arises both in lubrication systems and on the hydraulics themselves. The main causes are:

  • oxidisation
  • hydrolysis
  • thermal degradation


In many cases, it is a combination of all three. This is why HYD&AU FLUID has developed filtration services and proactively supports its customers to guarantee a longer life for installations.

Nos services en filtration :


A primary laboratory and other local laboratories carry out full diagnoses…


We service your installations by cleaning your circuits and capturing pollutants…


Easy to transport, it separates all parasitic oils in the water in one go…

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