Finely tuned education services

HYD&AU FLUID offers a range of innovative tools dedicated to training its customers: teaching benches & tools, press, tipper & mixer, etc.

Spotlight on our partnership with the Pôle Formation Bretagne:

HYD&AU FLUID has worked with the Pôle Formation Bretagne training cluster, formerly CFAI BRETAGNE, since 2010.

One of the missions of the Pôle Formation Bretagne is to provide training for maintenance and production personnel who have to work on hydraulic equipment and installations.

The aim is to enable a better understanding of how the main hydraulic components function and what technology is used with a view to carrying our servicing.

A comprehensive and innovative range of services:

To supplement its technical platform, the Pôle Formation Bretagne wanted to invest in educational systems for hydraulics that are better suited to industry reality.

In order to provide it with support, and by incorporating an issue of controlling moving load variation, HYD&AU FLUID was able to offer a comprehensive solution by connecting tippers to its scalable, compact hydraulic benches.

HYD&AU FLUID hydraulic benches:

HYD&AU FLUID installed various hydraulic teaching benches in centres in Brest, Lorient, Rennes and Plérin.

Our hydraulic teaching benches are available in single or double-sided versions. They enable students to tackle various concepts on a complete and varied tool.

Furthermore, our benches have many advantages. They are easy to transport and modular, which makes basic, proportional hydraulic work easy to carry out, servo-controls, etc.