HYD&AU FLUID, hydraulics training centre

Recognised by a certified body for our skills as an educator, HYD&AU FLUID provides you with hydraulics experts for your training. Trainees can progress through 3 levels of training:

    • Course H1: introduction to traditional hydraulic technologies

    – knowledge of the physical magnitudes involved in hydraulics

    – understanding of the constitution and operation of traditional components

    – use of terminology and standard representation

    – diagrams incorporating components in a basic context


    • Course H2: hydraulic operations practical work

    – acquire the logic essential for improving the effectiveness of work that calls for adjustment or replacement of components

    – know how to interpret diagrams with a view to modifying the behaviour or operation of a system

    – work on teaching bench


    • Course H3: transmission by proportional effect electrically operated components

    – acquire knowledge of proportional effect electrically operated systems

    – study of the various proportional effect technologies

    – testing on benches with card adjustment

    – transfer from all or nothing distribution to proportional effect distribution

The HYD&AU FLUID training centre is located in Schiltigheim, near Strasbourg, it has free parking and is accessible from the airport and the station by shuttle and tram. Training is spread over 3 days. If you have any specific requirements, the trainer can come to you!

The next dates for 2016:


  • Course H3: 4 to 6 October 2016
  • Course H2: 18 to 20 October 2016
  • Course H1: 15 to 17 November 2016

Please address any requests to Isabelle Trioreau by telephone on +33 (0)3 90 22 78 04 or by email to i.trioreau@hyd-et-au-fluid.com

Photos from the most recent training course: