Rinsing and Decontamination

Custom fluid filtration units

Contamination, whether solid, liquid or gaseous, is the main cause of hydraulic installation breakdowns.

We service your installations by cleaning your circuits and capturing pollutants in filters, coalescers or purifiers.

You therefore get clean circuits that help to reduce machine wear and energy consumption.

Besoin de groupes de filtration, dépollution et vidange ?

HYD&AU FLUID sells or leases several different fluid filtration units:

  • particle filtration unit 10 to 2,000 litres per minute
  • aqueous filtration unit for water and oil separation 10 to 75 litres per minute
  • oxidisation filtration unit (varnishing) to eliminate varnishes in the tanks 100 to 10,000 litres

Our filtration services:


A primary laboratory and other local laboratories carry out full diagnoses…


Easy to transport, it separates all parasitic oils in the water in one go…


HYD&AU FLUID places preservation of oil quality at the heart of its preventive maintenance actions…

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