Oil separator

A solution for hydropower production

HYD&AU FLUID offers a range of services dedicated to producers of hydropower. As a filtration expert, we offer solutions for separating oil from water, thus meeting the requirements of the latest environmental standards.

The HYD&AU FLUID oil separator


    • reduce discharges and the cost of waste fluid disposal
    • improved cleaning of pits
    • residual hydrocarbon content in wastewater less than 5 mg/L


    • long service life (no moving parts)
    • high drawdown possible with floating suction guidance
    • low energy costs and simplified transport

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Action whereby the fine droplets of hydrocarbons created by effluent turbulence mass together to form larger droplets.

This phenomenon enables separation of the hydrocarbons during the time in the machine.

The floating suction can be adjusted to the density of the liquid to be treated.

The separator body is made from painted steel, but other materials are available upon request.

All of the separator’s components can be easily removed and maintenance operations are thus simplified:

  • coalescent cells easy to extract
  • mobile system incorporating a collecting pan
  • fully and immediately assembled machine

The oil is discharged into the required container and the class 1 water returns directly to the channel.

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A primary laboratory and other local laboratories carry out full diagnoses…


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HYD&AU FLUID places preservation of oil quality at the heart of its preventive maintenance actions…

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