Analysis laboratories

An ISO 9001 certified laboratory with cutting-edge equipment

Our central laboratory in Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône is ISO 9001 certified and can provide a full diagnosis of the state of your equipment. We conduct various analyses on your hydraulic fluids, including:

  • antioxidant measurement
  • viscosity measurement
  • TAN-ph measurement
  • water content measurement
  • particle counting


Local branch laboratories

We also have local laboratories in our different branches, which means we can quickly perform an initial diagnosis of the general state of your installation. Please contact one of our offices for a free quotation!

HYD&AU FLUID has enjoyed close partnerships with sector leaders for many years:

Need a quick diagnosis?

For an initial oil diagnosis, HYD&AU FLUID offers its bespoke kit to carry out a pollution inspection of your system in situ.

The HYD&AU FLUID pollution inspection kit can be used to estimate the quantity and types of solid contamination in a hydraulic fluid. “Clean” lubrication provides your installations with:

  • a reduction in the number of equipment failures
  • improved installation reliability and safety
  • a longer component service life
  • a reduction in material consumption
  • less downtime

Why should you carry out frequent oil analyses?

With HYD&AU FLUID, you enjoy regular monitoring of the condition of the oil to enable, if necessary, proactive action to guarantee better system reliability and durability. The actions available to you include:

  • quality control of all lubricants entering the site, therefore improving safety and saving time on filling and top-ups.
  • proactive maintenance programme with regular analyses, intended to increase the reliability of your equipment and reduce any costs associated with replacement of components.
  • monitoring over time of the oil consumption of machines intended to identify heavy consumers.

Un exemple de résultat d’analyse d’huile :

Identification du vernis et de la pollution dans l'huile - non conforme

Vidange du système et remplacement de l'huile - pollution toujours présente

Traitement de l'huile par du varnishing - conforme

Our filtration services:


We service your installations by cleaning your circuits and capturing pollutants…


Easy to transport, it separates all parasitic oils in the water in one go…


HYD&AU FLUID places preservation of oil quality at the heart of its preventive maintenance actions…

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