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HYD&AU FLUID is a master at manufacturing training tools in industry. Our cutting-edge teaching benches enable students to learn in fields such as hydraulics, pneumatics and electricity.

We organise tailored training programmes to meet the specific needs of our customers. We rely on a range of teaching products that allow people to get to grips with the training in a clear and practical way.

Teaching bench

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Our hydraulic teaching benches are available in single or double-sided versions. This enables students to tackle various concepts on a complete and varied tool.

Our benches use “all or nothing” technology (Side A) and proportional open loop technology and position, speed and effort servocontrol (Side B).

Our benches come in a standard version or can be made to measure. Thanks to our engineering department, we can offer a range of solutions to work supervisors and trainers.

Compact hydraulic bench

Our compact benches are easy to transport and modular, enabling all kinds of basic, proportional hydraulic work, servo-controls, etc. to be carried out, and have a number of advantages:

  • a tool that allows people to get to grips with the concepts taught
  • complete, ergonomic and scalable, industrial teaching benches
  • practical work available in Automation Studio
  • training provided for start-up
  • manufactured entirely in our workshops to enable a comprehensive after-sales service

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Travaux pratiques disponibles sur Automation Studio™


An innovative concept in the world of pneumatics teaching


This new concept allows you to complete a pneumatic installation in a few minutes.

The schema is traced onto a white board, then the training components are simply placed on the board, held in place by their magnetic base.

This concept ensures complete flexibility. The components can be removed or added without the use of tools to adapt to changes in complexity during training activities.

It provides a simple and coordinated approach for making and understanding the control circuits of electropneumatic PLCs.

Our education solutions:


Recognised by a certified body for our skills as an educator, HYD&AU FLUID offers 3 levels of training…


A single solution that combines an intuitive and friendly environment, powerful features…


HYD&AU FLUID designs, produces, installs and renovates all types of teaching equipment, whether hydraulic, electrotechnical, etc.


HYD&AU FLUID undertakes to deliver reliable and effective training solutions for the satisfaction of its customers…

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