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HYD&AU FLUID designs, produces, installs and renovates all types of teaching equipment, whether hydraulic, electrotechnical, automated or robotic.

With a desire to train future industrial technicians and engineers, HYD&AU FLUID decided to invest in the development of new teaching tools.

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This machine was designed to allow students to learn about hydraulic systems in an industrial setting:

    • knowledge of hydraulic components
    • electrohydraulics
    • proportional hydraulics
    • LP – HP systems
    • differential systems
    • systems with accumulators
    • cooling – heating
    • troubleshooting
    • system improvement
    • open loop control
    • position, speed and effort servocontrol
    • PID adjustment and analysis
    • PLC programming, modification and improvement
    • analysis of different hydraulic assemblies

Tipper and mixer operative parts

Very widespread in industry, these operative parts can be powered by our benches or an industrial hydraulic power unit. Flow and pressure adjustment, balancing valves, repairs, disassembly of faulty cylinders or motors…

This operative part was studied within the HYD&AU Group, based on an industrial stirrer on a gluing line, and adapted for the school environment.

Handling machine

The educational handling machine will enable basic hydraulic adjustments (flow rates, pressures) to obtain a load that will vary at every stage of the machine’s cycle.

Scalable and modular, this machine will consist of several modules:

  • translation
  • lift
  • lower
  • tilt

Our education solutions:


Recognised by a certified body for our skills as an educator, HYD&AU FLUID offers 3 levels of training…


A single solution that combines an intuitive and friendly environment, powerful features…


A master of the manufacture of cutting-edge training tools intended for industry…


HYD&AU FLUID undertakes to deliver reliable and effective training solutions for the satisfaction of its customers…

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