Automation Studio™

Complete simulation software


HYD&AU FLUID is able to offer training using complete simulation software to teach future technicians and engineers.If you teach subjects relating to automation technology, illustration of theoretical principles and the behaviour of hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical or control systems is as the heart of your requirements.

Automation Studio™ is a single solution that combines an intuitive and friendly environment, and powerful drawing, animation, simulation and system analysis features.

It enables teachers to cover more content in less time and encourages the assimilation of knowledge by students.

Simulation, Drawing & Animation

  • hydraulic
  • pneumatic
  • electrotechnical
  • control electricity
  • scale diagram for Allen-Bradley™, Siemens™, IEC 1131
  • mimic and control panels

New in E6.2

  • new interface
  • remote access now hosted by Famic Technologies
  • measuring instruments
  • frequency variators
  • manufacturer catalogues
  • 3D MMI
  • mechanical links

Your teaching and training platform

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