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A comprehensive programme

Recognised by a certified body for its skills as an educator, HYD&AU FLUID will provide you with hydraulics experts. Trainees can progress through 3 levels of training:


  • Course H1: introduction to traditional hydraulic technologies

– knowledge of the physical magnitudes involved in hydraulics

– understanding of the constitution and operation of traditional components

– use of terminology and standard representation

– diagrams incorporating components in a basic context


  • Course H2: hydraulic operations practical work

– acquire the logic essential for improving the effectiveness of work that calls for adjustment or replacement of components

– know how to interpret diagrams with a view to modifying the behaviour or operation of a system

– work on teaching bench


  • Course H3: transmission by proportional effect electrically operated components

– acquire knowledge of proportional effect electrically operated systems

– study of the various proportional effect technologies

– testing on benches with card adjustment

– transfer from all or nothing distribution to proportional effect distribution


This support:

  • provides customers with reassurance as they benefit from all of the skills and information to use their product in the best possible conditions
  • guarantees quality as HYD&AU FLUID makes sure that the product, designed and produced by our design offices, works perfectly in real-life conditions


We also offer specific in-company courses with training adapted to your machines, and based on your specifications. Our specialists come to your site, and it is up to you to decide on the duration and date that suits you best.

Practical information

The HYD&AU FLUID training centre is located in Schiltigheim, near Strasbourg, it has free parking and is accessible from the airport and the station by shuttle and tram.

The 21 hours are spread over 3 days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 8 am to 5 pm). The cost is €1,250 plus VAT per person, and includes training, technical documentation, lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for courses H1 and H2, and lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday for course H3.

Strasbourg – dates for year 2017 :

  • Course H1 : from 21 to 23 march 2017
  • Course H2 : from 13 to 15 june 2017
  • Course H3 : from 21 to 23 november 2017

Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône – dates for year 2017 :

  • Course H1 : from 07 to 09 march 2017
  • Course H2 : from 27 to 29 june 2017
  • Course H3 : from 12 to  14 september 2017

Our education solutions:


A single solution that combines an intuitive and friendly environment, powerful features…


A master of the manufacture of cutting-edge training tools intended for industry…


HYD&AU FLUID designs, produces, installs and renovates all types of teaching equipment, whether hydraulic, electrotechnical, etc.


HYD&AU FLUID undertakes to deliver reliable and effective training solutions for the satisfaction of its customers…

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